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Green Barley Philippines

Green barley grass benefits people suffering from High blood pressure; High blood sugar; High Cholesterol; Arthritis; low energy, Sleepiness; Overweight; Neck pain; Rheumatism; Constipation; Bad breath; Gout; Rhinitis; Severe back pain; Cancer; Frequent urination; Urinary tract infection; Jaundice; Lupus; Leptospirosis; Stroke; and, more... Green Barley Philippines is authorized distributor of green barley juice and pure barley in capsule form.

YOU need to take charge of your health.  BUY  ONLY from authorized distributors of green barley selling at the following mandated retail/wholesale prices:

Mandated Retail Prices of Green Barley:

Manila: PhP 275/bottle

Provinces: PhP 300/bottle

Mandated Wholesale(1Box = 28 bottles) Prices of Green Barley:

Manila: PhP 5995/box

Provinces: PhP 6370/box


Buy green barley now from Green Barley Philippines, your most trusted and authorized green barley distributor.

Call/Text +63917 452 4741 - Dej Urbano or e-mail us at greenbarleyphilippines@yahoo.com for Payment Options.

We ship nationwide and overseas. Free CD/tarp/flyers.


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